The Chad Borah Team Includes Seven Highly Qualified Home Inspectors!


You can have confidence knowing that all our inspectors are continually upgrading their skills and staying abreast of new technologies.

As members of The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), every inspector is eminently qualified and E&O insured to provide you the best results possible.

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Ben Benner – Home Inspector

I joined Pillar To Post because my background in home construction, sales and technology were a great fit for the home inspection process. Being part of a truly unique, and industry-leading team has been a bonus!

Kurt Bethel – Home Inspector

Becoming a home inspector has been a great way for me to combine my outgoing personality with my knowledge of homes inside and out.

Rick Caby – Home Inspector

I feel a sense of accomplishment when clients, especially first time home buyers, tell me they really enjoyed the experience and appreciate all the great information that I was able to give them about their new home. I can tell they mean it by the calm, comfortable and confident way they become when the home inspection is complete.

Frank Dean – Gas Inspector

I possess a unique set of skills and love to use them to help people understand the intricate parts of their new home, and show them how things work. I joined the Pillar To Post team because this teams dedication to our clients and all the measures they take to ensure a great experience when purchasing a home is one of a kind. They are a highly skilled and competent team. I am proud to say I am now part of such an awesome team!

Joe Docter – Home Inspector

My favorite part about being a home inspector is having the opportunity to consult a potential home buyer and teach them everything I can about the home they are purchasing. I want to put the client at ease during a stressful, expensive process, which is known as home ownership.

Scott Goddard – Home Inspector

I became a home inspector when I realized I had the knowledge and ability to really help people know what there is to know about their new home.

Phil Howard – Home Inspector

I became an inspector because my knowledge of construction and my gift of gab. I get to meet excited buyers every day and exceed their expectations that we are not there acting as defect finding robots, we are real people who care about and understand what they are going through. When I leave the inspection and we are all smiling I know I did a good job.

Dave Petlansky – Sewer Inspector

Sewer inspector with 15+ years plumbing experience. Providing knowledge, insight, and helpful advice not only regarding sewers but also plumbing questions relating to your home. My goal is to give information to better educate you on your new home.

Scott Spicuzza – Home Inspector

I started construction in 1994 as a member of Local 396 St. Louis. After 9 years of union membership I decided to open my own contracting/real estate business in 2002. I purchased approx. 90 homes as an agent and personally inspected those homes before closing. In I focused my energy toward a more client based business vs a real estate business and primarily was looked on as a residential contractor focusing on kitchens, bathrooms, finished basements, electric and plumbing. After 23 years as a contractor, agent and inspector I decided to join Pillar To Post – The Chad Borah Team.