Termite Inspection:  Visual evaluation for past and present signs of wood destroying insects.

Radon Inspection:  A 48-hour test that measures the radon levels in a home. Radon is a clear, odorless gas that permeates up from the soil.  Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

Sewer Lateral Inspection:  A camera will scope the sewer line to detect any breaks, roots and/or obstructions.  Report and video are included.  

Gas/Mechanical/AC Inspection:  A technician will check all the gas appliances and pressurize the property’s gas lines looking for leaks. The technician will also check the electrical appliances including the A.C. (motors, compressors, capacitors, refrigerant charge, etc.).  There are options only as necessary for Gas only inspections and Electric only (Mechanical inspections).

Chimney /Fireplace Inspections:  Visual Inspection with Camera Scope of the flue as able: Evaluation of the chimney, flue, firebox, and all additional components of the fireplace (additional fireplaces can be added for additional cost per fireplace).

Mold Air Sample:  Two air samples collected on the exterior (control) and interior of the home and sent to a third-party lab to determine the presence of mold.  (Additional samples can be added for an additional cost).

Visual Pool Inspection:  This is a complete visual inspection of the pool structure, surrounding decking, mechanical and electrical components. This will include, but is not limited to: Tile, Grout, Coping, Interior Finish, Caulk/Expansion Joints, Deck, Skimmers, Ladder, Handrails, Main Drain Cover, Anchors, Inlets/Fittings, Ropes, Slides, Dives Boards, Covers, Pumps/Motor, Filter, Heater, Piping, Valves, Chemical Feeders, Gauges, Automatic Cleaning Equipment, Time-clocks/Automation Controls, Switches, and Lights/GFCI.

  • Visual Pool Inspection and Pressure Test:  In this test, the pool plumbing (skimmer, returns and cleaner lines) will be pressurized using air to 10-15 psi for 15 minutes. This will indicate if any of these lines have been broken. 
  • Visual Pool Inspection, Pressure Test, and Main Drain:  This option is not available in the winter months. Pool must be open and heated to 80+ degrees for this option to be available. This service includes utilizing scuba gear: a diver will complete an underwater inspection for the pool’s structure surface, fitting, and lights. At this time, we will be able to plug the main drain line so we are able to perform a pressure test.  

Septic & Well Inspection:  Inspects all components to the septic system (tank, aerator, grinder, etc.) This does not include the lateral line from the house to the septic tank.  The well inspection covers water testing and an evaluation of the well head.

Please Note: If you choose the Premium Building Inspection, our specialty services of Radon, Termite, and Mold are discounted by 15%. If you choose the Prestige Building Inspection, our specialty services of Radon, Termite, and Mold discount by 30%.